Wolfgang Gründinger

Analyst, Activist, Advisor

Wolfgang Gründinger, born in 1984, has acquired an outstanding reputation as voice of future generations. Wolfgang is a multi-awarded serial book author and currently works as an advisor on Digital Transformation at the German Association of the Digital Economy (Bundesverband Digitale Wirtschaft, BVDW). He is member of the „Working Group on Digital Responsibility“ at Facebook, European Digital Leader of the World Economic Forum, and completed the Internet Leadership Academy of the Oxford Internet Institute. In his PhD, he researched the influence of interest groups and lobbying in current German politics. Wolfgang has also served as spokesperson of the renowned Foundation for Intergenerational Justice for more than six years.

Wolfgang became known through a number of activities, be it an action of civil disobedience at the UN Climate Conference in Cancun in 2010 where the police removed him from the conference grounds, be it his campaign for a “carbon free parliament”, his constitutional complaint against the minimum voting age that he filed together with 15 children, or his cross-party Future Manifesto by young politicians from six different political parties and published in the German weekly paper DIE ZEIT.

Renowned German newspapers refer to Wolfgang as “political talent” (Der Spiegel) and “lobbyist for the young generation” (Frankfurter Rundschau). Business magazines such as “Capital” and “Handelsblatt” count him among “Germany’s elite of tomorrow”. The magazine „politik&kommunikation“ counts him among the most important actors in German digital politics.

He received many awards, including the German Environment Award, the German Studies Award, the Award for Intergenerational Justice and the Award for Demography Studies. Wolfgang holds a Master in Political and Social Sciences and studied at the University of Regensburg, the Humboldt University in Berlin and the University of California, Santa Cruz (UCSC).